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Jazz Max Slowjuicer White


Price (With VAT) :  365 €


Multifunctional juice slowjuicer: fruit and vegetable juices, vegetable caviars (Hoummous & Cie), baby breads, sugar-free sorbets, etc.

Drink vitality in the form of natural juice, as is or available in milk shakes or fresh fruit soups. Robust, quiet, space-saving, the Jazz Max is designed to squeeze juice quickly and easily: thirty seconds to disassemble, wash, re-assemble the mechanism.
More versatile than a simple juicer, the Jazz Max is the best friend in the kitchen for lovers of natural cuisine, whether they are gourmets, fast-paced juicers or too exhausted to cook. It's the fast food of natural cuisine: you will gently grind all foods, even hard and raw (raw pumpkin, for example) for almost raw soups. You will grind almonds or walnuts for a sublime Nut Butter, or dried vegetables for exquisite and subtle Hummus...

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